Why Your Phone Freezes and What You Can Do About It


It is very unpleasant when your phone freezes. Sometimes it gets too difficult to use the gadget even for the most trivial things, and in some cases this issue can even lead to data loss, which is a fairly common problem that many smartphone users end up facing.

Imagine that you need to urgently pay for something using your phone, or you want to make an emergency call, but the device froze and does not respond. Some people get really irritated in situations like that, and it is totally understandable. First of all, you need to understand in which exact circumstances it happens, and what you can do to fix it.

Why is the phone freezing?

There are five most common reasons why your smartphone isn’t working properly, and, respectively, five tips on how to avoid them. Whether you’re using an iPhone or Android device, these tips will help keep it running smoothly!

Restart your phone

This can help solve temporary problems. Restarting your phone disables all the processes and apps that could be causing the whole issue, so when you turn it back on, you’re off to a fresh start.

Make sure that the phone has at least enough free space

If your phone doesn’t have enough free space, it can run much slower. To check the amount of available free space, open your phone’s settings and find the Storage section. There you will see how much space your files and apps are taking up, and how much of it is left.

If you see that your phone is full, delete files, photos, videos and apps that you no longer use. It’s also worth considering storing some files externally if possible – it is safer, even if not as convenient. After this, it’s worth trying to restart your phone to check if the problem has been resolved by these manipulations.

Update all key apps

Apps that haven’t been updated in a while can cause problems with your phone. Update all the apps on the device to the latest version.

There are problematic apps that can freeze, causing the phone to not respond for quite a while sometimes. If only the app freezes but you can access the rest of the phone, close that app and check if the issue manifests itself in any manner again.

Keep in mind that some older and entry-level processors may not be able to handle the latest games and other CPU-intensive tasks. Demanding from your device more than it can give is pointless.


Disable some features

Disable or deactivate features that you don’t use such as Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi or Internet connection altogether. This can sometimes greatly reduce the overall load on your phone.

Delete cache and app data

If you find that the memory of your mobile device is being depleted by cached data, you may want to clear it. After all, cached data is not vital to the performance of an app or website.

This is how the path would look like: Settings > Applications > select a program you use frequently (such as a browser) > Storage (or Storage & cache) > Clear Cache. Apply this process to other apps you use frequently to free up your phone’s memory and deal with freezing. This can help you get rid of unnecessary files that may affect the performance of your phone.

What else to do if these tips are of no use

If all of the aforementioned tips don’t work, it would be wise to reset your phone’s software. Also known as a factory reset, this fix will give your device a fresh start. This means that all files from your phone will be deleted, so you need to back up everything you really need before doing this.


Following the tips provided above to ensure that your device is not haunted by freezes is the right thing to do. If it runs smoothly, you’ll have a great assistant by your side in a huge number of foreseen and unforeseen circumstances. Of course, smartphones with better specs are less likely to freeze compared to budget devices with inferior specs. 

If after applying all these tips, your phone is still freezing, it must be due to a hardware problem. Remember: you should not try to save on the technical readiness and condition of the phone. In case of serious malfunctions, you need to contact professionals. New Yorkers are lucky to have quick access to experts who provide high-quality electronics repairs in Brooklyn. There definitely is someone to turn to in your area as well!