Diamond Engagement Rings – Learn What Different Shapes Symbolize


In the rough, diamonds look like a piece of ordinary glass. They must be cut and polished into rare stones that adorn metal jewelry. All diamonds are first cut into a standard round shape, which is then cut into fancy shapes such as hearts, pearls and teardrops. Known throughout the history of the jewelry industry as the “cut,” the shape of the diamond not only adds value and beauty to the metal band, but also symbolizes important personality traits.

Diamonds are women’s best friends and are also a traditional choice for engagement rings. If you want to propose a girl soon, go to the nearest store and buy her diamond engagement rings. Make her stand out by choosing one that reflects her personal style and personality traits.

But before that, don’t you think it’s necessary to know yourself about the different types of cuts? So, here is more on this topic.

  1. Diamond cut –

The round cut diamond engagement rings are actually a variation of the emerald shape. This unique new shape has a square shape and has more facets than the old emerald, giving it a brilliant appearance. This is a popular choice for solitaire engagement rings. A princess cut for the woman who loves attention. She is confident and willing to take risks.


  1. Round Diamond –

The name is pretty self-explanatory. The round shape is a classic cut when it comes to gemstone shape. The number of facets affects the luster of the gemstone and how it reacts to light. A modern and stylish cut from 58 faces. True to its symbolic meaning, the circular shape symbolizes eternity as there is no definite beginning or end, similar to a wedding band. It can be bought by a woman who respects tradition and appreciates the classics very much.

  1. Oval diamond –

A beautiful sibling of the traditional cut, the oval-shaped diamond resembles an egg. It has a long shape thanks to two long ends. Its carving creates the illusion of a large stone. This cut is for the woman who likes things traditional but with a touch of personality and creativity.

  1. Pear shaped diamond –

Popularly known as a teardrop diamond, it can be said to be a cross between an oval and a marquise cut. It has a round end and a pointed end. In addition to the feminine figure, she stands out for her brilliance and brightness. The pear-shaped diamond is a symbol of diversity.

  1. Emerald Diamond –

The emerald cut is a popular older style that is still used today. It is square or rectangular with rounded edges. In addition to the strict lines, it has a flat surface. It does not sparkle like round or oval gemstones because it has very few facets. An old-fashioned pan cut is best for a woman who has her own well-defined fashion sense.

  1. Marquise Dimanta –

The cut of the tent has an exquisite and gorgeous appearance. It is round in the middle and has two pointed ends. It is designed to make the diamond appear larger. This look is for the woman who sets the trends and doesn’t follow the trends set by others. This type of women likes a lavish and lavish lifestyle. They are very worried about the situation.