6 Ways to choose MVNE for your small-scale MVNO

The relationship between MVNE and MVNO is of deep partnership and dependency. MVNE is an enabler for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) by offering the infrastructure, services, and necessary support to operate a virtual mobile network.

MVNE supplies the network and infrastructure to MVNO for effective operations. It also provides business and administration support systems to MVNO. MVNE offers planning, billing, provisioning, and customer service for an MVNO.

MVNEs, as third-party providers, act as a bridge between host MNOs and MVNOs. One of the significant benefits of choosing a suitable MVNE for establishing a small-scale MVNO is it reduces the upfront capital expenses of an MVNO.

Steps to Choose a Suitable MVNE to Establish Small-scale MVNO

Before learning how to choose the best MVNE to establish a small-scale MVNO, analyze why you want to start your small-scale MVNO.

There could be diverse answers to this question requiring a different approach to setting MVNO.

Additionally, consider the following aspects as well for the right directional decision.

  • What is your goal behind looking for a suitable MVNE?

  • Do you wish to solve some pain points?

  • Do you aim to monetize with this idea?

  • What are your future business plans?

  • What kind of communication problem do you aim to solve?

Once you determine the answers to these questions, follow the steps below to narrow the search and choose a suitable MVNE for your MVNO.

1. What are your requirements?

Define your needs, business goal, target market, and customers. Determine your customer base, estimated size, type of services you wish to cater to, and pain points that you aim to address. Note down all other requirements that you may have.

2. Does specific MVNE meet all your requirements?

The market may have many options available. However, all that glittery MVNEs may not be the best for your business requirements! Look for the MVNEs that offer customized solutions and a range of services that matches your goal and fit your small-scale business.

3. How is the Network Coverage?

Evaluate the network coverage given by the MVNE solution under consideration. Ensure the output aligns with your target market, distribution channels, and geographic locations your small-scale MVNO aims to cater to. Verify the overall performance and reliability of the services.

4. Do MVNE qualifies on technical capabilities?

Examine the technical capabilities, billing system, provisioning processes, and integration capabilities. A suitable MVNE should meet the technical requirements of your MVNO.

5. Revisit terms and conditions

Scrutinize contractual terms and conditions. Pay special attention to the pricing structure, service-level agreements (SLAs), additional fees or charges, and revenue-sharing model. Check the fairness of the payment structure and whether it aligns with your business objectives.

6. Do they offer reliable customer support?

Evaluate the level of customer support the prospect MVNE will offer. Is it prompt and reliable enough? Verify testimonials and ensure your MVNE offers responsive technical assistance in case of any issue that may arise.

Choosing a suitable MVNE is a decision that requires thorough research and brainstorming. It should offer essential value-added services, infrastructure, support, cost benefits, successful establishment, and progress of your small-scale MVNO. Following the above-mentioned steps, you can choose an MVNE that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

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1. How does MVNE help MVNO?

MVNE is beneficial for MVNO since it acts as a wholesale services provider and offers voice, data, and other messaging services at a wholesale rate to MVNO.

2. What is MVNO?

Ans. MVNO is branded reseller that offers mobile services to customers by leasing network capacity from a network operator (MNO) or utilizing the infrastructure provided by an MVNE. MVNO does not own the network infrastructure.

3. What is MVNE?

MVNE is a third-party provider that offers the infrastructure, services, and necessary support for a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) to offer virtual mobile network services without building its network.

4. What are the benefits of choosing a small-scale MVNO with MVNE?

MVNE brings various operational and financial benefits to MVNO. For instance, it allows you to enter the mobile market with low, upfront costs while leveraging the existing network infrastructure.

5. What aspects should I consider when selecting an MVNE for my small-scale MVNO?

The elements to consider are MVNE’s expertise, network coverage, scalability, technical aptitudes, customer support, contractual conditions, value-added services, and cost-effectiveness.

6. How crucial is customer service while selecting an MVNE?

For a small-scale MVNO to run smoothly, customer support is essential. A responsive MVNE should provide account management and technical support and assist in resolving any issues that may occur.